Spiritual Journeys


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-- Source -- Place: PERU

Date: May 2022 (COMPLETED)
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-- Surrender -- Place: PORTUGAL

Date: October 2022 (COMPLETED)
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--- Magic --- Place: TENERIFE

Date: January 2023 (COMPLETED)
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-- Expansion -- Place: hawaii

Date: April 2023 (COMPLETED)
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- Void - Place: Easter Island

Date: October 2023 (COMPLETED)
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-- Abundance -- Place: New Zealand

Date: January 2024 (COMPLETED)
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---- Joy ---- Place: Yucatan, Mexico

Date: June 2024
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- Synchronicity - Place: Appalachian Mountains

Date: August 2024
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-- Alchemy -- Place: TBC

Date: January 2025
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-- Initiation -- Place: TBC

Date: May 2025
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-- Activation -- Place: TBC

Date: October 2025
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-- Polarity -- Place: TBC

Date: January 2026
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---- Unity ---- Place: TBC

Date: May 2026
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MU Pilgrimage Activating Lemuria around the World

Lemuria or Mu was the name given to the first civilization on planet Earth. It was a nature-based civilization where we were very in tune with Gaia and all the creatures that lived upon her. Some called it the Garden of Eden.
It was a peaceful community where men & women lived in harmony, each respecting the gifts of the other, all working as one with Gaia & the Elementals with regular teachings from our ancestors from the stars, the Seven Sisters or Star Mothers.
Men provided strength, security, food & protection for the village, Women were keepers of Wisdom of the Oracles, the Medicine Women, Priestesses & Teachers.
We have birthed the Mu-Wheel for the New Earth times because we are entering the New Lemuria, and the Wheel is back.
The Wheel is a blueprint for life, encoded with Sacred knowledge and Ancient Wisdom.
It is the secret way to living a more joyful, healthier, and longer life. The Star Mothers passed this Sacred Knowledge to their Daughters who eventually went on to set up Mystery Schools in charge of keeping this wisdom safe until humanity was ready. 
With the support of Gaia, this body of wisdom has been kept hidden within the 13 nodes and nulls of the planet waiting for the passing of the time of the Great Shift.

Now The Star Mothers are calling their Daughters Home!

Mu wheel is vibrational frequency language which encodes harmony into all dimensions of time and space and beyond. 
This Sacred Wheel contains 13 Symbols which are codes of energetic information to awaken the portals that will energetically communicate to all living beings the resonance of harmony. In this way all who wish to live in this frequency can awaken heaven on earth within them.
These 13 codes are an energetic language which supports the activation of portals that are within the waters, where higher consciousness has been kept and sacredly guarded until humanity would reawakened. Our sacred mission is to communicate and transport this energetic information throughout the dimensions. Mu people are time travelers, portal activators and together they unite through vibrational frequency the existence of heaven on earth.
Mother Gaia bestowed Mu beings to weave the golden network, encode the messages that are within her in the waters, stones, crystals, trees and communicate it to the galactic center as well as the whole universe(s).
We invite the women who feel a resonance to this call to join us around the world in activating the portals of the Earth.