The SWS Membership

The Sacred Woman School Membership offers a life-changing space that connects you with heart-centered woman that are in the same space that you are. You are not supposed to do it alone! Join the magic circle and enjoy: 

  • Exclusive Membership Portal with continuous access to wisdom teachings, resources and ceremonies.
  • One Monthly Live Ceremony & Channeling
  • Sacred Woman Global Sisterhood Private Community
  • Members Only Events, Gifts, & Digital Products 
  • 15% Discount in all Courses and Events


Welcome to the Sacred Woman School.

We are honored that you are here. 

It is our belief that each woman joining this school has felt a deep calling to return to her magic.

Each time when one of our sisters of magic joins our mission strengthens.

We are here to create a New Earth together.

Our focus in this membership is:

  • YOU- We want you to feel nurtured and supported as a Sacred Woman
  • Our school wants to inspire and empower your innate gifts
  • We want to strengthen the feminine wisdom of collaboration and resourcefulness through the Sacred Woman Global Sisterhood you have just become apart of and is accessible in the SWS FB group.


This is so special, you are so special and we are even more special and blessed as we walk together.

Our purpose is to support you in creating a life of magic and miracles!

We want to assure you as you enter this portal and begin to also take the courses that are available on our Offering Page that you will experience a great shift.

We at the Sacred Woman School are living and experiencing magic and miracles!  We want to share with you the energetic alignment of the New Earth.

It is about accessing a higher intelligence that resides within. We know that each woman here can get to experience this by accessing her powers.

This world has been waiting for your magic to blossom.

We also understand at Sacred Woman School that each woman is her own healer and she has her own medicine. We are here to guide you to these gifts. We trust in the magic of your soul and we are here to hold space as you discover them in your own process and cycles.

In this membership, the portal gives you continuous access to; wisdom teachings, ceremonies as well as resources to the Sacred Woman Path.

You also have access to enjoy one monthly live ceremony or channeling from myself Mu.

As I mentioned above about our Global Sisterhood, you will belong to Sacred Woman Members Only FB group where we can build community, expand our resources to support each other, and be showered with member gifts like discounts, digital products, and invitations to women circles.

IN ADDITION, as a member, you receive a 15% coupon discount on any of our online courses, online events, and retreats. 

Join Now - Monthly Payment ($22 per month)
Join Now - Yearly Payment ($222 per year)

Women who have joined SWS sisterhood feel empowered! They know the embodiment of living and experiencing life as a Sacred Woman. This influences what they are creating, the choices they are making and what they are attracting to their life.

Join Now - Monthly Payment ($22 per month)
Join Now - Yearly Payment ($222 per year)