Womb Trauma

Posted May 31, 2024

We all have some sort of womb trauma. It can be from surgical procedure, miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse, birth trauma or it can be from the ancestral lineage that carries forth so much un dealt womb trauma that it is passed on and can be showing up physically in your body, emotions and creative center.

Coming into the awareness of your energetic womb can support the clearing of a womb trauma.

You have natural way of clearing your womb with your menstrual cycle.

Yet, being aware of the process that is unfolding awakens the deeper layers that have not been dealt with and show up unconsciously in your energetic body, in your ways of making decisions, in the ways you trust your intuition and in multiple different forms that are influencing who you are today.

Womb trauma is a doorway not something to hide or be shameful.
It is there to walk into so you can set free the creative forces within you and discover the potential of magic within your being.

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Womb Medicine

Posted May 27, 2024

My first deeper understanding of the word Medicine came to me in a statement made by Native American proverb

“Medicine is what brings you back to your soul when you have lost your way”

I received this information in a time in my life where the shamanic worlds were awakening. I had so many questions and this was one of them.

My body shook and I understood deeply at my center what this was.

I find we are in a world that much like the homeostasis mechanism our body has to bring us into balance and through this naturally heal us.

The world is full of medicine if we align and wish to see it. If release the distractions and the distortions we can really see how the is full of medicine at all times.

One the most powerful medicines I have discovered is the womb medicine.

The womb carries and innate medicine.

The amount of regenerative cells and energetic wisdom the has womb can heal and clear generations of trauma from one Womb Wisdom Session.

Women are always surprised when they can...

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Womb Trust

Posted May 20, 2024

Our womb is the soil and without a rich fertile soil we can’t create anything sustainable and nourishing for ourselves, for our family and the world at large.

Do you agree?

Yet, how come we as women do not naturally or better said consciously tend to our womb.

Something so obvious that from a young age calls our attention as we menstruate and ovulate and now as more women are awakening to the cycle, we have found there is actually four phases within our cycle not just one or two.

If you are like me, that I thought a few years ago that our menstrual period was the cycle and now we have the understanding that we have Four Phases of a cycle that menstruating & ovulation are two and the other more passive like our seasons of Fall and Spring are more subtle the Follicular and Luteal phases are essential to acknowledge and be with the physical and intuitive navigation of what each phase can gift us.

So much is being revealed energetically and physically as we begin to connect...

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Womb Magic

Posted May 20, 2024

Creations is birthed from the magic of the womb.

Beautiful poetry from @krista.healing 

“You’re womb has a voice
Your heart has a tone
Your soul speaks
Through the soles of your feet
To the crown of your head
Let your voice be heard
Honor what you’ve said
Let truth take you to bed
Every night
Take flight
Inner knowing
Radiance glowing
It is here
Release your tears
Hidden fears
And keep going
In the day
Invite in play
In your own special way
Let your voice be heard
May you honor every word
Sounds, your wombs have to say
Into the beauty of our love, sacred waters and this day I pray”

- Krista

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Womb Pleasure

Posted May 15, 2024

The portal of pleasure, my sisters. Those who know the beauty of multiple orgasmic pleasure that is experienced with the womb from love making energetically, physically and with nature and your own self.
We have the elixir of of the goddess and goddess within our womb. Yet we still look to find pleasure outside ourselves.
The only reason is because we have not taken the taken the time to discover what is within.
The softening when you meet this beloved energy within that no other can cause it. You have it in your swirling and vibrating.

I remember meeting a galactic woman who was lanky royal tall and beautiful who had very elegant and wise star like presence. She shared with my the love making she had with her husband but she said the physical is one thing but love making with my energy body and nature open portals to other dimension where pleasure and ecstasy is the natural way of existing. The upgrade of the light body and the rejuvenation of the cells when it is infused with much...

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Womb Intuition

Posted May 09, 2024

Intuition is natural although it may not seem this way.

Give yourself moments of silence, moments of feeling, moments of listening to your inner spaces within. This feminine ways are essential for the intuition to awaken and guide.

Let your womb’s pulse and spiral take you inward and feel the third eye communication with your womb.

Take your hand and place one hand on your womb and another on your third eye.

Let the energetic womb spiral you inward into your knowing as true intuition is a knowing that goes beyond mind and body. It is the these merging of the two that awakens this innate intelligence to exist in your day today life.

Note: In the old paradigm system almost everything pulls you out to not trust the intuition. True guides and teachers are always directing you toward your own innate intelligence of intuition.

Stay connected and awake to the pulse of your womb and observe how the intuition blossoms like a beautiful fragrant rose in your life.

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Womb Wisdom

Posted May 09, 2024

Womb Wısdom ıs experıenced 𝐛𝐲 the unfoldıng of the cчcles αnd the process of lıfe αnd deαth.

Our ɯomb sınce ɯe stαrt to menstruαte ıt pulses ɯıth the ɯısdom of creαtıon. She sheds αnd recreαtes herself, she offers fertılıtч eαch month for lıfe to be creαted not onlч phчsıcαllч but energetıcαllч.

The spırαl of creαtıon ın our energetıc ɯomb αlloɯs us αs ɯomen to αɯαken α ɯısdom thαt comes from our oɯn bodч αnd energetıc mαke up.
We cαrrч αn energetıc ɯomb thαt connects us to source ɯısdom. It αlloɯs us to αɯαken the knoɯıng of the orıgın ɯhere everчthıng ɯαs connected αs one.
Where there ɯαs no sepαrαtıon αnd no dıstortıon.
Connectıng ɯıth our cчcles ıs the fırst doorɯαч to thıs ɯısdom.

Once ɯe αre connected to our cчcle thαn the portαl of the ɯomb opens, ıt...

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Womb Sorrow

Posted May 09, 2024

Sorrow is the medicine.

Listening and connecting with your womb can support in clearing the energetic knots stored in your womb.

These can be blocking your sexual energy, life force also know as your creative energy.

The dense unprocessed emotions stored in your womb form the energetic knots, some we have tucked in so deep we can’t even recognize them.

The tears we have not shed turn into anger and sometimes rage and often times shows up in a misplacement of our reactive defensive emotions in situations that have nothing to do with what caused the knot.

When we have felt disempowered, mistreated not heard and seen, these knots in the womb (creative center) tangle up everything and your creative flow and expression gets blocked.

You feel sluggish, weighed down, tired, heavy, frantic, anxious and definitely not in your center.

The medicine is called Sorrow.

When you can be with your sorrow by leaning into it, the womb sorrow reveals it’s and in this moment it can be felt and...

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