Mu-Wheel ® Shamanic Healer


A 13-week Shamanic Training deeply Anchored in the Channeling of Mother Gaia’s Wisdom and the Universal Cosmic forces Awakening on Earth Today.  

Have you been called to assist others in their awakening?

Have you been called to assist others in their awakening?
  • Do you feel a connection to Star beings and you know that you come from the stars?
  • Do you feel pulled to learn about the Akash and how to access the mysteries of these sacred records?
  • Do you wish to find your unique gifts and your voice, so you can fulfill your purpose on Earth?
  • Do you feel ready to step into your power as an awakened woman and guide others to the New Earth and higher dimensional state of being?
  • Do you wish to start a practice as a Shamanic Light Healer and Soul Activator? 

Access the Akashic Records to download the information to support each individual’s soul mission. 



The Mu-Wheel Oracle is a divination oracle that has access to the infinite possibilities of expression with the magic that is birthed in the moment.

This is Masterful practice of deep listening and seeing, to guide you to perceive the waves of creation to restore the balance and harmonize a person or space.
The Mu-Wheel also awaken the divine feminine through initiations and activation of the Ancient Civilization of Mu, which are stored in our Body and the Earth.

In this Healing Practice, you will discover:

  • How to restore the harmony within the light body- healing, balancing and encoding the energetic system to prepare for ascension into 4th dimension and beyond.
  • How to access the portals within that activate the Mu Priestess Codes of Pure Harmony assisting the crystalline grid and mother earth’s grid to reintegrate into the Land, Spaces, Communities and living beings for the unification of all.
  • How to activate the 13 powers to open the universal channels to bring alchemy and awaken the avatar states of being with nature.
  • How to access the Akashic Records and download the information to support each individual’s soul mission through Soul Reading Practice.

The Mu-Wheel® consist of:

  • Mu-Wheel Initiation & Ceremony.
  • Mu Activations & Toning healing modality to access the language of your Soul.
  • Shamanic Initiations and Healing Practices to activate the Light Body.
  • Wisdom Teachings of the Earth, Stars, and the Galactic Center.
  • Awaken & Deepen your Channelling Skills.
  • Tap into the Akashic Records to Guide Yourself and Others into their Soul's Path. 
  • Empower your Voice & Personal Evolution.
  • 13 Oracle & Alchemy Bundle For Divination & Healing.
  • Certificate Of Completion.



SHAMANIC & LEMURIAN ACTIVATIONS ✓ Altar Creation. ✓ Open and Close Sacred Space. ✓ Toning, Channeling, and accessing to the Akash practices. ✓Shamanic & Lemurian(MU) Journey activations


Mu-wheel initiation ✓Awaken the 13 WHEELS stored in our DNA to restore harmony on Earth. ✓Bring harmony and healing to yourself and others, as you awaken to your truth.


HOME AS SACRED SPACE ✓This training is Fully Online. ✓Receive and integrate the teachings of the New Earth Medicine Woman Master Program from the loving comfort of your home.


  • Malieokalani Urrutia (MU) has been guiding ceremonies, and mentoring women from around the globe for over 2 decades. She has been initiated in the healing traditions of the Amazon and the Andes.

  • Malieokalani has mentored hundreds of women in the power of feminine wisdom.
  • The way Malieokalani guides is by listening to the council of ancestors and guides that have brought us all together to experience heaven on earth.

  • The Goddess within you will be strengthened and given a space to be expressed as we set the intention to discover the unique way your soul is craving to express.


  • Begin a practice as a Shamanic Healer and Alchemist, Light Activator, Akashic Records Reader, Retreat Guide, etc.
  • Receive powerful initiations on the shamanic and Lemurian ways that will transform your life.
  • Receive support through Sacred Woman School on how to manage your practice.
  • You will be a Mu-Wheel® - Galactic Shaman and Soul Alchemist certified by Sacred Woman School.



  • are being called to assist others in their awakening.
  • have a deep connection to mother GAIA, Lemuria, the Star beings.
  • want to learn how to access to the sacred records of the Akash, to help restore HARMONY on Earth. 
  • are ready to have your own practice, and envision yourself as a healer and awakened of Humanity.
  • are ready to channel the Divine within and to guide people to higher levels of consciousness, so then together we can create Heaven on Earth.
  • are ready to experience life from the higher vibrations of TRUST, JOY, LOVE & MAGIC.
  • are ready to LIVE your PURPOSE, be in HARMONY with yourself, your community, and Mother GAIA.


"Wowwww!!! I just got done activating the seer role and almost in tears as my heart feels fully surrendered in all the wisdom that was brought that was so fundamental to absolutely everything I needed to hear and learn right now!!! The circle teachings was just a confirmation of why I joined this group...and the 5 steps (for channeling), thank you so much! Releasing with the movements and breath and reminding us that we are truly channeling and doesn't matter what we are feeling, what people feel is the teachings..." (Sept. 2020 Session)

- Zulaika Alvarez

"I woke to do the Legacy guide. Wow all make sense to me now, I remember who I am, and always been. Now I know, why everything, all the experiences in life. And at 19 years feel called to massive change that my life had a bigger purpose than just what it was. It takes courage and lots of discipline, but NOW I KNOW WHO I AM" (Sept. 2020 Session)

- Jaymilli Borges

"OMG! It was such an exciting journey! So much inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, love that I receive, and support from the beautiful women and Malieokalani and Mariela as part of Sacred Woman School. The first word that comes to my mind or my takeaway is: MAGIC! (Sept. 2020 Session)

- Loe Moshkova