“My mission is to return all women to the Natural Time”

- Mariela Webber 

Mariela's life mission is to inspire women from all paths in life to find their purpose, connect with the wisdom of their soul and encourage them to trust in their internal guidance to fulfill their wildest dreams. She is a Divine Feminine Activator, practitioner of Mayan Astrology, Energy Healer, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

She devoted her last years to her spiritual evolution and ascension, and has been guided by special souls and mentors who encourage her to share her special gifts with other sisters and the world.

She is an open-hearted soul that sees the divine in each person she meets and who’s mission is to return all these beings back to their true nature and to the Mother.

Her background in business guided her to be the bridge between the cosmos and the earth, linking those worlds to be able to create in physical form what is being birth in the cosmos.

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