“My personal mission as a healer is to empower the healer inside of each person I meet”

- Malieokalani Urrutia, Voice Of The Sacred Feminine

Malieokalani is a community guide, who has been initiated in the healing traditions of the Amazon, the Andes and the Aloha Teachings. She mentors women and leads spiritual pilgrimages throughout the world.

Malieokalani, has received shamanic training in the Medicine Wheel at the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. She has received also teachings from Q'ero Shamans Doña Juana & Don Francisco, Calixto Suarez-Arhuaco from Sierra Nevada, Taita Hipolito from Inga Tribe and her most beloved star teachings from Aunty Mahealani Kumu Kanaka Maoli-Aloha Spirit and the original teachings of Ho'opono pono ke ala.

She is an incredibly gifted medicine woman that heals with the elements, guardians of the earth and stars, her guides, and angels. 

She is the founder and guide of Sacred Woman School. She mentors women from around the globe in the New Earth Medicine Woman program which includes- Mu Wheel Shamanic Training, Circle  Facilitator Traning, and also trains women to become Womb Wisdom Medicine Practitioners. She has been dedicated to guiding women for over 20 years on rites of initiation and activations of the feminine wisdom. Her school's mission is to support the awakening of the feminine to return the magic to the everyday living. 

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Hi Sisters,

I am a woman just like you who is here to contribute to the world and live a life of purpose.

I believe we are all Creatrix of this world. Life is created through our vessel, with this said we can begin to understand how essential our role is in creating the world we live in.

Through the collective dreaming of you and every woman that reads this today, has influenced the making of this school. The courses I have created here have been designed with the soul purpose to bring you to your inner gifts and for you to reclaim the power that lives in you. You are here because your soul has been dreaming this into being with women all around the world.

I have shed oceans of tears like many of you and I can say as I have worked with hundreds of women through the years, I realized we all share a common suffering.

-Isolation, abandonment and betrayal of our own knowing-

This leads to an overwhelming anxiety when you feel like you are forging the way alone.

How can  can you possibly wear all these hats and at the end of the day, feel defeated as well as depleted and not nurtured by all you do and give?

Why do you feel so alone when there are so many people in the world?

Why is the world not mirroring the honoring of our bodies, the beauty of our heart’s and the depth of our being?

The answer is because we as women have to recognize we have collective task at hand, to balance the scale of the masculine ways by welcoming back the feminine ways into our soceity.

In all the systems of soceity the voice of the feminine is faint and in some not even present. We have are not created  a world for an empowered feminine to thrive.

Instead, we have created a world that disconnects us from the feminine ways which are community living, collaboration, creativity, intuitive intelligence, honoring the natural rhythm and cycles and above all the greatest guide and nurturer we have present, NATURE.

You empowered, you guiding the way, you listening to your intuition, you accepting the magic that resides in you, is what will transform this world.

But we have to come to the understanding that in a female culture like the one of a beehive the system of higher intelligence within the hive is collaboration.

We must do this together and cast the “I am alone or I must do this alone” story in the fire.

Working together is the greatest strength a female culture has!

In this way, as women we can pollinate our world to thrive in meaningful ways which produce joy, human kindness and beauty in our societies.

Together, we can bring the creation forces of the feminine and masculine into harmony. The woman has to guide the way to restore this balance.

My every challenge, process as a single mom of four children trying with all my passion and courage to give my children a wholesome experience while living in a city often left me in state of defeat and with a scroll of questions.

Until I began to listen to the voice within, the one I would hear after sobbing profusely “it starts with you, your healing, your choices and when you can work together with like minded women the answers you seek will be found in sisterhood and coming together.”

My life’s work is dedicated to women like you so we may see us in each other and return to the circle.

Thank your for your beautiful Spirit.

Aloha dear sister,