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What joy it brings to have you here!

Sacred Woman School is an online global community school that seeks to assist a woman's journey back to her roots and feminine energies. It aims to revolutionize the way we see and relate to ourselves individually and in sisterhood. Sacred Woman School deeply acknowledges the essential roles we assume as women, to bring forth unique contributions to society as well as our collective relationship with nature and the world.

As women, we noticed through our life experiences that when we nurture the feminine ways, listening to our intuition, working together, choosing community, knowing and honoring our cycles, creating meaningful creations to bring beauty and joy, spending time in nature, the isolation, anxiety, depression and the meaningless routine begins to vanish.

The simple ways of being with each other by letting our intuitive creativity have an expression brings joy and above all the magic of life returns.

We felt this treasure we had found that was within our own selves and in sisterhood must be the key to restore the balance by bringing back the wisdom of the feminine into our living systems. 

Can you imagine our family structure, education, economy and our work force infused with the feminine ways mentioned above?

We can do this together! When we strengthen, go within and unite.

Sacred woman school is here to provide what is necessary for an awaken woman to thrive and to know she is not alone.

We wish for every woman to know her power so she may be the one making the choices that influence the world we are creating.

 We invite you to join our community and to take our online courses.

Help us transform this world to where you dream it to be.

Sacred Woman School team



We are a team of two families coming together. The common thread between our team is that we are passionate about our children and nature. We want to make sure in this lifetime we create a fertile ground and set seeds for our children and future generations to enjoy the simple yet beautiful ways of living on this earth but we do not want to do this alone, actually we know we can’t. We need you and other women to join. We wish for women to awaken by knowing how essential their role is in society.



Creatrix & Guide

“My personal mission as a healer is to empower the healer inside of each person I meet”

Malieokalani is a community guide, who has been initiated in the healing traditions of the Amazon and the Andes. She mentors women and leads spiritual pilgrimages throughout the Americas. 

Malieokalani, has received shamanic training in the Medicine Wheel at the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. She has received also teachings from Q'ero Shamans Doña Juana & Don Francisco, Calixto Suarez-Arhuaco from Sierra Nevada, Taita Hipolito from Inga Tribe and her most beloved star teachings from Aunty Mahealani Kumu Kanaka Maoli-Aloha Spirit and the original teachings of Ho'opono pono ke ala.

She is an incredibly gifted medicine woman that heals with the elements, guardians of the earth and stars, her guides, and angels. 

She is the Co-founder and guide of Sacred Woman School. She mentors women from around the globe in the New Earth Medicine Woman program. She has been dedicated to guiding women for over 20 years on rites of initiation and activations of the feminine wisdom. Her school's mission is to support the awakening of the feminine to return the magic to the everyday living. 


Co-Founder & Magician 

"My mission is to return all women to the Natural Time"

Mar's life mission is to inspire women from all paths in life to find their purpose, connect with the wisdom of their soul and encourage them to trust in their internal guidance to fulfill their wildest dreams. She is a Divine Feminine Activator, a practitioner of Mayan Astrology, Energy Healer, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

She devoted her last years to her spiritual evolution and ascension and has been guided by special souls and mentors who encourage her to share her special gifts with other sisters and the world.

She is an open-hearted soul that sees the divine in each person she meets and who’s mission is to return all these beings back to their true nature and to the Mother.

Her background in business guided her to be the bridge between the cosmos and the earth, linking those worlds to be able to create in physical form what is being birth in the cosmos.

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